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Who Gives a Crap

Before you ask that is the name of a company that makes toilet roll. It's not me trying to be funny and clever.

I have been researching eco friendly toilet roll for a while now. Since having kids I have routinely bought the largest pack I could find in the supermarket without thinking about whether is sustainable. I definitely didn't consider the plastic it is wrapped in... I mainly focussed on cost and buying in bulk. I suppose buying in packs of 24 will have less packaging by weight than the packaging for 2 packs of 2 rolls.

Earlier in the year I switched to a subscription. I was fed up with the toilet roll taking up so much space in the shopping trolley when I shopped in store, and a few friends had theirs delivered every 3 months. Sounded very sensible and cheap so I signed us up.

We have had a few deliveries now and I noticed a few things in the last one. It was packaged in so much plastic it would be embarrassing to the company if it was made public. Also each delivery is made up of packs of 9 toilet rolls to make up 45 rolls per delivery. So again there was more packaging than I would like really. Finally I got round to reading the packaging and it was shouting about being made from virgin pulp! Why would we cut down a precious tree and turn it into toilet roll? Surely we should be using recycled paper instead.

I've seen a lot of advertising for Who Give a Crap. Cool name - no one is going to forget that company in a hurry. However their products are made in China which just didn't sit well with me. They have both recycled paper and bamboo options. I can't decide which option I think is more eco friendly to be honest. It's complicated and I don't think either option wins the argument clearly. I think people should choose which they feel comfortable with, and make sure its not wrapped in plastic!

So I decided to find something made in the UK even if the raw materials aren't sourced from the UK. I stumbled across these guys https://ty-mor.ecwid.com/Eco-Paper-Quilted-48-rolls-3-ply-p135575229 Their credentials look amazing; Tree Less, Plastic Free with No Harmful Chemicals, 100% Biodegradable, Affordable Quality, No Bleaching Agents, No BPA, Natural Colour, Anti Slavery, Zero Plastic Product, Ethical Sourcing, Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable, Carbon Positive, Carbon Off Setting, Sustainable Procurement, Reforestation. British owned Business...

48 rolls of 3 ply eco quilted toilet roll is winging its way to me, and I shouldn't be this excited.

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