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Waxed Jacket

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As I explained a few weeks ago we are trying to be more eco friendly in terms of our clothes. Unfortunately a lot of eco clothing is extremely expensive so I am going to try and buy second hand items.

We had some success last week! Hubby has wanted a waxed jacket for walking the dog for a while now. He’s been look at Barbour ones but they are £250 for the type he wanted. He found a cheaper version however the sizing wasn’t good as the sleeves were really short and we find that cheap options usually wear out or break way too quickly.

So I suggested he look for a second hand one on EBay. He found a lovely Barbour jacket last week and it fits perfectly! He has re waxed it with a tin of wax and it almost looks like new! The was just needs time in a warm room to soak in fully now. It coast less than the cheaper coat including the tin of wax! Bargain and eco friendly!

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