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Tumble Dryer

Did you know that Tumble Dryers are probably the least energy efficient appliance in modern houses. So not only are they bad for the environment they are also costing you more money when it comes to you electricity bill!

I make a huge effort to try not to use our tumble dryer and have done ever since someone told me years ago that is costs about 35p per load! I'm not sure how accurate that figure is but it made me think about it long and hard. I'm still a tight northerner at heart even though I'm now living in the Midlands! I bought this huge airer when my childrens clothes were getting bigger and bigger. Its design is fab so I can get two full loads on it at once. It even has space at the sides for coat hangers or a sock octopus!

The annual running costs of a tumble dryer varies depending on how much you use it. I found some interesting figures at https://www.confusedaboutenergy.co.uk/index.php/energy-saving-tips/electrical-appliances/91-tumble-drying

...based on an energy use of 2.50 kWh per cycle and an average load capacity of 4.75 kg (including CO2 emissions) annual costs for using your tumble drier are approximately;

5 times a week £114.4 (238.6kg)

4 times a week £91.52 (190.8kg)

3 times a week £68.64 (143.1kg)

2 times a week £45.76 (95.4kg)

1 time a week £22.88 (47.7kg)

Never £0 (0kg)

See if you can do a less loads next week... Get creative with your drying system!

# Coat hangers create more space for drying clothes.

# Sheila Maid style driers get your washing out of sight and where the warm air rises. https://sheilamaid.com/

# Hanging sheets on your bannister dries them faster than you would imagine.

# Look at investing in a sock octopus it frees up so much space on your airer.

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