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Trying to stay calm

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I spend a lot of time trying to stay calm. A lot! Especially when it comes to my gorgeous children. Last week I noticed the kid's shampoo was being used up really quickly. This is odd because they don't wash their hair that often - they don't need to. After some detective work I realised my youngest was putting handful after handful of shampoo on her hair - whilst it was in a french plait - and rinsing it straight out. It was not going to be cleaning anything using that method!!!! I took a deep breath.

After a few more deep breaths I explained that we need to try not to waste shampoo, and we don't want to use more plastic bottles than we have to. She gets it - we often talk about using less plastic. A few days later she is making a potion!!!!! Yup. A potion. Putting the shampoo into an empty bottle with water and sprinkling it on the ducks. Deep breaths. Another little chat about not wasting things.

The final straw was finding my bottle of cider vinegar empty when I was washing my hair. Yet more deep breaths required.

All hair washing bottles are now in the cupboard so they are only used for hair washing not potion making!!! It probably won't completely solve the problem but I feel its better than doing nothing... This probably isn't a helpful tip at all but I needed to get some frustration out of my system.

And before you think I'm spoiling all her fun I've found a couple of empty bottles for her to play with....

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