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I have been thinking about trying a more eco friendly toothpaste for months now. We have made quite a few changes to our toiletries over the last couple of years which has decreased our single use plastic waste a lot. However there are still a few products we use regularly that come in disposable plastic packaging.

There seem to be three options I can see without spending hours doing research! Toothpaste in a recyclable packaging, toothpaste tablets and tooth powder. There are DIY options out there like brushing with bicarbonate of soda but I feel that is a bit of a leap at this point in time especially for the children!!! I don’t know why I feel like this but I do... probably because I think the kids still need fluoride.

There see to be a lot of strong feelings about fluoride. I can’t recommend one way or the other. I just suggest you speak to a dentist if you have concerns about the need for fluoride in toothpaste and alternatives.

A lovely lady on Twitter mentioned Colgate are doing a more eco friendly product called Smile for Good. My mum found some in Sainsbury’s the day after I mention it to her! Half price too so it’s probably on an introductory offer. I’m going to try and get some to move away from disposable plastic tubes...

I would ideally the like to find a tooth powder that comes in non plastic packaging and is affordable! That is the dream anyway!

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