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Sweet Chilli Jam Recipe

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The recipe I use is based on an ‘A Life Of Geekery’ recipe. It’s more like a jelly than a jam. It’s absolutely delicious. I usually need at least 50 jars to last me a year!!!


My version is only slightly different as I use cooking apples that will break down and leave them in the jam. It increases yield, you don’t waste the apples and gives lovely flavour. I also make a larger batch!

The photo is from my 2015 batch!

Makes 15-20 jars (½ pint)

600g (1lb 5oz) Chillis

3.6kg (8lbs) Sugar

1410ml (2 ½ pints) Cider Vinegar

9 large Cooking Apples


  • Sterilise your jars first.

  •  I use boiling water on my lids then dry with kitchen roll.

  • I place my clean, empty jars in the oven at just over 100oC for 5 minutes. 

  • Place a plate in the freezer ready for a wrinkly test. 

  • If you have a food processor it speeds things up no end. 


  • Take the ends off the chilli’s. Remove seeds if you want a milder jam. Leave seeds in for something fiery. I usually do a batch of each!

  • Place chilli’s into the food processor with a little of the cider vinegar and blend. If you want large pieces or small pieces in your jam its up to you. Just blend until you are happy with the size. 

  • Place the chilli mix into a large heavy bottomed pan. 

  • Peel and core the apples then place in the blender.

  • Blend until finely chopped then add to the pan. 

  • Add the remaining cider vinegar and put a medium heat underneath it. 

  • Add the sugar and stir until it is all dissolved. 

  • Turn up the heat and bring to a rolling boil. 

  • This will take about 10-20 minutes depending on the amount of pectin in your apples, your cooker and the temperature your mixture takes to get to hit the setting point of 105oC... 

  • I love my jam thermometer – it was a great investment!

Checking its done

  • Place a teaspoon on your cold plate and put in the fridge when you think its ready. 

  • After a couple of minutes slowly push your finger across the jam and if the surface wrinkles its ready to jar. 

  • Ensure your jars are hot prior to filling them.

  • Place jam into jars leaving only a small gap at the top.

  • Immediately place lid on top and don’t screw on too tightly. 


This is one of my most flexible preserves! It can be used for sandwiches, a glaze for salmon or chicken, a stir fry sauce, a dipping sauce for spring rolls or a mango chutney replacement with a good curry. Honestly its used are endless. Obviously a cheeseboard is the perfect use for i!!!!

If you have different colour chillies it can give a really pretty effect with flecks of green, yellow and red in the jars especially if you don't chop the chillies too finely.  

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