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Sustainable Fashion

As you may have realised I have spent a lot of time over the past year try to make our clothing purchases as a family more environmentally friendly.

It’s a bit of a minefield with a lot of publicity and marketing from some huge companies claiming to sell ‘green’ clothes. I try not to get dragged into it too much. I think as long as I am thinking about my purchases from an environmental angle and consider more eco friendly options that is enough. I don’t think spending eleventy million hours doing research is necessary. I am am working mum after all!

Buying second hand clothing is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to buy more sustainable clothing. However I have also been considering how important it is to dispose of our old unwanted clothing responsibly too. We shouldn’t simply be putting unwanted clothing in the bin when it can all be used in various ways.

Did you know even stained, torn or damaged clothing or bedding can be simply put in a separate bag and labelled as rags then taken to charity shops. They still make money from the rags. It means they don’t need a volunteer to sort through them to determine what can be sold and what can’t… saving them time.

I was talking to hubby about this the other day wondering where they end up. Turns out he has used many of these rags when he was cleaning up oil spills back when he was in engineering!

So when you are having your next clear out consider how your waste can be reused or recycled. If you have time sell clothing on Ebay or Vinted. If you are short of time then take clothing and shoes to a charity shop. I now keep a bag under my youngest’s bed for ‘rags’ and when it’s full it goes to the charity shop clearly labelled.

It doesn’t take too much time or effort and imagine if every family did this how much clothing can be reused!

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