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Stinky Hot

I have been using a natural plastic free deodorant for nearly 3 years now. It has been one of my favourite eco friendly switches. It is really effective and from my experience makes me sweat a lot less because its not blocking my pores like an anti-perspirant would...

Most deodorants contain aluminium which acts as an antiperspirant by blocking up your pores. It’s this aluminium which causes staining on your clothes! I have found that using an aluminium free deodorant has stopped my body fighting the blocked pores and I sweat a lot less!

I highly recommend Earth Conscious deodorants as they are plastic free, aluminium free and palm free.


I’ve also tried the WILD deodorants which are fantastic. You buy a reusable case then top up with refills. It’s really easy to use. Not palm free but still a good plastic free refill switch! They have started selling these in supermarkets too so are more accessible.


I also made a batch of homemade deodorant last year when we first went into lockdown. It was so easy to make and that one batch has lasted a year! It was just as effective as the natural product I had previously bought. Here is a quick recap.... https://www.littlegreentips.co.uk/post/the-sniff-test

My Mother in Law gave me a Crystal Deodorant Stone a while ago. I have known about these for years but couldn't understand how a stone could stop me smelling bad. Turns out it's not a stone...it's a mineral called Potassium Alum.

Crystal deodorant is a type of deodorant made of natural mineral salt called Potassium Alum which is a form of Potassium salt. To use it you wet the 'stone' and rub over your armpits then wait until it is dry. It is really easy to apply and dries fairly quickly.

My husband really likes the deodorant crystal and is still using it! I found I was still a little stinky after a long day in a hot kitchen but he is a fan.

It’s all about finding something that suits you! See if you can find a more natural, plastic free deodorant.

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