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Starving children

I sometimes wonder if I actually feed my children... My youngest is always STARVING! If I had a pound for every time I heard 'Mum I am starving' I could retire.

One of my favourite snacks to give them is popcorn. Buying it from the supermarket is so convenient but if you make you're own its cheap as chips, has no single use packaging and it lasts 3-4 days in a sealed container.

I have a fab microwave popcorn popper. £5 well spent. £1.25 for a bag of popping corn. 3 minutes in the microwave then add a pinch of salt or icing sugar (or both!) and job done. My youngest can now even make it on her own!

A tablespooon of popping corn makes enough for two hungry children and a handful leftover for the mummy. So a bag of popping corn seems to last forever.

I still keep an emergency bag of bought popcorn in the back of the cupboard but making it at home is quick, easy and so cheap and stops the bin filling up with plastic packaging.

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