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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Did you know most sellotape/sticky tape is made from plastic? It is pretty obvious when you think about it. However it's not usually one of those things you think about when you start to cut single use plastic out of your life.

It's my eldest's birthday tomorrow so I was madly wrapping his presents up last night. I found this paper sellotape last year and it is fantastic. Initially I had my doubts. Anyone who has bought cheap sellotape will know that bad sticky tape is a nightmare. So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the paper tape works really well!

My husband does not like the look of it on presents with patterned wrapping paper. Its something we agree to disagree on... I think it looks fine if it's done fairly neatly and the tape is on the back. I'm not going to use plastic sellotape/sticky tape just because he thinks it looks a bit ugly!

I am using up the last of the patterned wrapping paper that we have left in the house. Once that has gone I will be using recycled brown paper for all wrapping. This will look super smart with the paper tape on it and can be decorated with stamps or eco friendly string

Although it is called wrapping paper it isn't always 100% paper. Quite often it will have foil, glitter, coloured shapes or plastic in it. This means is can't be recycled.

I bought my paper sticky tape in our local Zero Waste store however it is now being sold in more shops especially now Sellotape have launched their own Zero Plastic Sellotape. See if you can hunt some down so that when your Sellotape runs out you have an eco friendly alternative ready and waiting!

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