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Reusable Bamboo Kitchen Roll

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Last year I decided to try and cut down on our usage of kitchen roll. I don’t like the thought of chopping down trees if we don’t need to. I am also trying to cut down on plastic so by buying less kitchen roll would mean throwing away less plastic kitchen roll wrappers. Giving up on disposable products, whatever they are, just make sense for the environment.

I didn’t buy anything to replace the kitchen roll for a long time. I just used tea towels, washable wipes, dishcloths and towels. I found it surprisingly easy. I even stopped putting kitchen roll out in the kitchen so people couldn’t find it easily. I haven’t bought any kitchen roll for 6 months now, and we finally ran out of it just before Christmas.

I treated myself to a pack of Eco Egg Bamboo towels before Christmas because they had 25% off in a sale. We used a couple for the first time last week when we were doing cave man painting and I didn't want yellow stained towels! I was really surprised how absorbent they were. They coped with the spillage really well. They washed really easily and dried fast. And they didn’t stain yellow!

According to the website once pack can provide 1700 uses which is quite impressive. I probably won't reach for them all the time as I am happy with the the other options I have been using. However, I can see i will use them in some circumstances.

I think they would be a good purchase for people trying to break the habit of using disposable kitchen roll! Think about it!


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