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Refilling my Eco Egg

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I thought I’d share how I refill my eco egg... and add a few pics to show what it is and how it works. If you haven't heard of it before an Eco Egg is an environmentally friendly alternative to washing powder/liquid.

The plastic egg is reusable with a 10 year guarantee and is recyclable when it eventually wears out. The cleaning pellets that go inside are eco friendly. The cardboard is recyclable. The inks are even vegetable based! The pellet packaging is plastic based but is biodegradable breaking down in water.

The pellets breakdown slowly over washing cycles providing cleaning action. You can see how small the old pellets are in the pictures! You can also see how big the new pellets are in comparison to the old ones. They are whiter because Eco Egg have new a version of pellets with whitener in them.

The dark grey pellets are tourmaline and do not need replacing. They help the other pellets gradually break down.

My favourite part about the Eco Egg is how affordable it is, and how fab it is for sensitive skin. It’s saved me a fortune! Check it out! And no I'm not getting paid for this post. I just love my Eco Egg!


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