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Puppy wee

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

As you have probably noticed we were lucky enough to welcome Max, a border collie puppy, into our family last month. Like any puppy he has the odd accident in the house! Some days it's more than others.

I decided when we found Max that we would try not to introduce more plastic and chemicals into our house just because we have a puppy. Its taken a little effort and research but I think we are doing OK so far.

I was very brave and made a puppy wee cleaning solution the morning before we picked him up. It was a simple recipe using Ecover washing up liquid, apple cider vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and water. I put it into an old squash bottle, and a spray bottle. The spray bottle was useless as it kept getting clogged up so we soon stopped using that just used the cleaning fluid straight from the bottle.

I use it with washable wipes and bamboo pads that were part of my washable nappy kit when the children were young! I soak up the wee with a bamboo pad, wipe it clean with a wipe and puppy wee cleaner then wipe excess cleaning fluid up with a damp wipe.

So far so good! We have been using it for over 4 weeks and its really effective. It cleans really well and there is absolutely no odour at all. It's super safe, quick and easy to make and very cheap compared to the myriad options out there for sale!

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