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Poo update

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I thought some of you may be interested in a little update on our homemade dog poo composter that we made a couple of months ago. If you are interested in how we made it take a look at this link https://www.littlegreentips.co.uk/post/dog-poop

We have been using it for over 6 weeks already. There is a surprising amount of poo in it already! Who know one little puppy would poop so much.

It has been easy enough to use. Once the bottom of the composter was covered in a layer of poo I covered it with a later of wood shavings that someone gave us in the summer. I then asked hubby to add some accelerator! Yes urine makes a fantastic compost accelerator!

We are now adding another layer of poo on top of the wood shavings. I plan to add some green material once that layer is covering the wood shavings. Maybe some grass... or hay the ground stays this wet.

There is no smell at all near it. So far I am impressed but the next 6 months will be very interesting. I’m just hoping it will keep up with the quantity of poo this little pup is producing!

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