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Plastic in landfill!

Do you just buy the same toothbrush on autopilot? How many seconds does it take to make your choice? Do you ever stop and think about how much plastic is in a toothbrush, and that it will end up in landfill?

Bamboo toothbrushes are a fantastic alternative which are becoming more and more available. They are also getting more affordable as larger numbers of people use them. You can even get adult and kids sizes!

I've used bamboo toothbrushes for 17 months now (I looked it up out of interest) and I am loving them! I then moved the kids onto them 3 months later. The kids don't miss the plastic ones at all. I do have to write their names on them as I haven't managed to buy different colours for them yet.

Do you think you could move to Bamboo? Its a quick, easy and affordable plastic switch! Go on - what are you waiting for...

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