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Plastic Halloween Tat

My children absolutely love Halloween 🎃 I think they prefer it to Christmas! I have to say I now enjoy it because we do fun Halloween things together (craft/baking/books) without the pressure of Christmas.

In the past I have treated them to a few new Halloween toys/decorations at this time of year. However I am trying to resist the lure of the plastic tat in the shops this year! This photo is my son who spotted a huge selection of new decorations in a rare outing to a shop. Resisting pester power is not easy! But I stayed strong!

We already have a box of things they can play with, and decorate the house with already. They came out of the loft on the 1st October!

Every year we make a Halloween house from a large cardboard box so I am going to town with that this year. It’s just junk modelling and craft mixed together really. My mum started this trend a few years ago when we she was babysitting at half term. We have done it every year since, and it gets more elaborate as they get older...

I have found some quick, easy craft ideas online which I will try with the kids. They are really excited about making some new Halloween things to play with...hopefully they won't miss the additional plastic toys! The first think we tried was making a giant spider! It turned out really well. It just used a black cardigan, 8 large black socks, string, two footballs and newspaper. The socks and cardigan can be used again as its just tied together.

Trevor the Spider has been a huge hit...we are hoping to make secret treat bags that look like witches broomsticks next using sticks and paper bags.

Try a plastic free Halloween this year! Challenge yourself!

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