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Plastic free cleaning

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I love Ocean Savers Eco Drops. They are a fantastic replacement for traditional cleaning suppliers in plastic spray bottles. You can either use them in an old spray bottle from a previous product or buy a new reusable bottle. It's so simple to use you just drop to dissolvable sachet into the bottle, fill it up with water and wait... The sachet dissolves then with a little shake your cleaning spray is ready. All the packaging is plastic free and they even send you labels so you know what is in your bottle!

The spray nozzle I had been using on a really old bottle stopped working so I switched it for another one in order to keep the 750ml bottle. Most cleaning sprays I had used in the past were only 500ml but Eco Drops produce 750ml. At £1.50 a pack its a bargain too!

I love the Apple Breeze multipurpose cleaner. It's great in the kitchen and bathroom as well as any room in between.

The other bonus is that because the Eco Drop sachet doesn't contain the water element in the cleaning solution it takes up a lot less space meaning a lower carbon footprint when it comes to storage and distribution.

Have you tried them yet?


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