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Planning to Fail

Our washing machine broke last week. It stopped mid cycle, full of dirty water and refused to empty after many attempts to fix it. This is the third time it’s happened. This is a nightmare for a family with young children who have just come home from school with dirty PE kit, school uniform plus the usual mountain of normal washing... 

We had the washing machine fixed 18 months ago because it wasn’t old and we didn’t want to put it into landfill. The second time it broke I spent 4 hours taking it apart, cleaning it, fiddling and putting it back together. It needs an engineer this time and the soonest I could get one to come out was in 6 days. And the cost to fix it wass nearly as much as a new one! Not good enough! So hubby immediately went online and arranged for a new one to be delivered in 2 days, on a Sunday!!!

This is my new washing machine! It's amazing and working so well but I feel sad I've had to buy a new one...

I expect a new washing machine to last longer than 4 years. Do you?

It’s frustrating that it is cost prohibitive to fix things. I recently had a quote to fix my daughter’s coat.I had already tried to fix it and failed. It was going to cost £20 to to have a new zip put in... I could buy a new coat for that. I didn’t. I asked my friends if they had one they no longer needed... My daughter now has three coats to choose from. None are new but all of them are in fab condition! 

My sons watch stopped working a while ago. You can’t put a new battery in it! This planned failure companies build into products to force a new purchase is incredibly frustrating if you are trying to be eco friendly... 

Our thermal cafetière broke last month and I could not find a replacement part. 

It’s feels like a conspiracy at the minute 🤣 So many things have broken lately. I don’t want to buy poorly made products that break and are unfixable. How can we change this planned obsolescence which is built into manufacturing so many products. 

France are bringing in new labelling which should address this issue. https://resource-recycling.com/e-scrap/2020/10/22/france-will-assign-devices-a-repair-rating/ They are looking at rating products by their durability and reparability. It will be interesting to see how this works in practise but its a fantastic idea!

So I will be attempting to buy items in the future which are easier to repair! Wish me luck!

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