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Nightmare Hair

As a mum of a daughter with beautiful thick, long hair I have struggled with brushing and detangling it for years. I have bought various detangling sprays over the last 4-5 years all of which came in plastic bottles...

It took our hairdresser ages to brush her hair during a haircut this summer!!! Look how long it had grown...

While I was researching conditioner replacements last year I discovered that you can use apple cider vinegar as a detangling spray as well as a conditioner! Honestly apple cider vinegar seems to have never ending uses.

I made up a homemade detangling solution a while ago following a recipe I had found online using cider vinegar, olive oil and essential oils. However when I finished that batch up I tried just the vinegar on its own. It was amazing. So effective! And no plastic packaging because I just reuse the bottle from the last bottle of detangler spray I bought.

I will also mention that a lovely mummy friend also recommended a specific hair brush to me this summer. I was willing to try anything to make hair brushing more pleasant for both myself and my daughter! I ordered one straight away and it was life changing. The combination of the apple cider vinegar and the new hairbrush have revolutionised hair brushing in our house. My daughter no longer cries and screams every day. Its amazing.


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