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More research needed

Ever since we moved into our house 10 years ago I’ve been trying to use less bleach. I haven't bought any for a good few months. I rarely use it nowadays and only for cleaning emergencies 🤣 It’s not good for the septic tank, and it’s definitely not good for the planet.

I think bleach is one of those things people tend to use on autopilot. They reach for it without thinking...it’s just one of those habits we grew up with. Some of these habits are hard to break.

I like my whites to stay white, especially the kids school tops, so I’ve been using an oxygen bleach for a while now. The Bio D Laundry Bleach is fantastic. It’s effective, affordable and natural.

However it comes in a plastic sachet (inside a cardboard box). It’s less plastic by weight than a bleach bottle by a long way however I want to be plastic free!!! I’m very demanding!

I‘m running low on laundry bleach so have been looking at plastic free alternatives. It’s never simple and the few options I found this evening were very expensive. More research needed...but in the meantime I’m happy that I’m using a natural product which isn’t harmful to our amazing planet and uses less plastic.

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