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Make do and mend

I try to fix as much as I can so that I don’t buy new items when it's not necessary. It's better for the environment and it saves money which is a win win for me

On Sunday I mended a pair of of my youngest's pyjamas that were torn. Luckily it was a simple repair as I am not the best at sewing. Then I had to perform brain surgery on her favourite teddy Furball. He had a tear on his head. There was quite a lot of pressure here as she watched me like a hawk as I sewed him back up.

While I had my sewing box out, and the weather was vile outside, I decided to try and make a couple of dog toys. Max our puppy finally destroyed a pair of my jeans completely by nipping me in a patch that was already torn. The resulting hole was not mendable! And it was so high up I couldn't even make them into a pair of shorts.

I decided to try and make three different toys. The first I tried was really easy. It's a denim doughnut. I just cut off a leg and rolled it up into a doughnut shape. I sewed it across the join as best I could. Max absolutely loves this one as he is still teething quite badly and it's the perfect size for his jaws.

T he second toy I tried to make is a rope tug. I cut off the other jean leg and cut it into four strips. I tried and failed to do square knots in it. I think the strips were too thick and not long enough. So I just knotted them together trying to get a Y shape. It isn't pretty but it has been played with already.

The final toy I made as a food puzzle type thing. Basically It's just the top part of the jeans, which I haven't hemmed because I ran out of time. I put some of Max's food into the pockets as an enrichment activity. He loved it! Although he did bite a hole in one of the pockets trying to get to the food! It should make a nice addition to the other enrichment toys we have for his breakfast and dinner. Again it may not last a long time but its reusing something that would have ended up in a clothes recycling bin so it doesn't really matter.

It was quite a satisfying afternoon really!

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