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My husband was complaining that our new cleaning product wasn't working on the limescale on the bathroom shower screen. He was right it just wasn't effective. I didn't want to go back to our old cleaning product as it was super strong chemically stuff in single use plastic bottles.

A few hours later after some googling he informed me that apple cider vinegar (ACV) works really well as a limescale remover. You may have noticed by now that I absolutely love apple cider vinegar (ACV) and make it in large batches from our the apples we have in the garden.

It made sense as limescale is an alkali and vinegar is an acid. So i thought i would try it in one of our toilets. It's made from a really bad material which is always stained with limescale. I poured some ACV into the toilet bowl and a few hours later I went up to check what was happening and a huge amount of the limescale had disappeared. I put a second load of ACV in the following day and it got rid of the rest of the limescale. I was AMAZED!

There are no pictures from me this post as I just couldn't bring myself to take photos of our toilet... Here is a photo of the cleanliness we all want in our bathrooms yet never achieve for longer than 2 minutes when we have children!

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