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Kitchen Roll

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Sometimes my mind wanders. Recently it has been wondering and wandering on the topic of kitchen roll. We all use it. But do we need it? It’s wrapped in plastic packaging and uses precious resources in its manufacturing process. The energy used to harvest the trees, transport them, process them into kitchen roll, pack it and then ship it to shops must be immense. Let alone dealing with the waste it creates.

A few months ago I started trying to use less. Cutting it out Cold Turkey seemed a bit stressful so I thought I’d try and just reduce how much I use.

I was amazed how little I ‘needed’ it on a daily basis. It’s been replaced by tea towels, dish clothes, biodegradable sponges and washable wipes. There are very few moments where there isn’t anything nearby that can be used instead of kitchen roll.

Think about it... do you need to use kitchen roll? Don’t do anything drastic just try and use less.

Added bonus is it might create a little more washing but it will definitely save money on your grocery shopping!!!

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