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Kitchen Cleaner

A few weeks ago I made a huge batch of apple crisps in our dehydrator. This left me with a lot of apple cores and peelings. So to make sure it didn’t all go to waste I made a batch of apple cider vinegar.

It is so simple to make and is very cheap way of having a stash of it ready for cleaning or conditioner or descsaling appliances. It only needs apple peelings, water and a little sugar.

See how I make it by clicking on this link:


Once this small batch of apple cider vinegar was finished I decided to turn it into a kitchen surface cleaner. I placed the vinegar into a jar with used lemon wedges and left it to infuse for a couple of weeks.

Once it smelt deliciously lemony I added it into a reusable spray bottle with an equal quantity of water. A little shake and it was ready to use. Not only does it smell amazing it’s really effective too. So good I’ve already got another batch infusing in a jar ready for a refill!

I love this zero waste method for making apple cider vinegar and surface cleaner because it is so quick to set up. And most of the process for both products just involves leaving the vinegar mixture and lemon mixture to do its thing without any faff!!! I’m always short in time so I’m a fan of anything quick and simple!

If this seems a bit too time consuming and overwhelming to try take a look at the refill Eco Drops from Ocean Saver. They are a really good #plasticfree and #ecofriendly cleaning option! So effective and affordable as well as smelling amazing! They are available online aswell as on Amazon, at Tesco and various eco friendly shops.


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