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Ice Ice Baby

I used to have some ice lolly moulds that were so terrible they were eventually binned. They were difficult to fill, the lids didn't fit and they dripped ice cold sweet sticky liquid down your hands as you ate.

Fast forward to a few years ago when my children were tiny. I decided to take the plunge and buy a new set. Success. These moulds are like the Calippo style ice lolly packaging. Easy to fill. Fab lids. Any melted lolly drips into base so you have a cold drink at the end!!!!! They turned out to be a fab investment and have saved me an absolute fortune especially since lockdown started.... I just wash and refill.

I'm not saying we haven't bought any ice-cream or lollies from the shop since I got them. I am definitely not perfect and do forget to refill them. I'm a busy Mummy! So I keep a few cornettos in the freezer! But the moulds have dramatically reduced the packaging that has gone in the bin, and saved me a lot of cash!

You can make a huge variety of lollies in them. The easiest is just squash (slightly stronger than you would drink). Flavoured milk is also amazing. Leftover smoothie also makes a cool treat. Pun intended!!!

Give them a try!

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