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How to train your hair...

So I have a question for you today. How often do you wash your hair? Who washes their hair every day????

Did you know that the more you wash your hair, the more natural greasy oils your body produces? If you are over washing your hair it's likely your body is overproducing oils as a reaction.

I used to wash my hair every single day mainly because I swam pretty much daily as a teenager. So I continued on with this until I booked tickets for Glastonbury. Realising I would go days without a shower I really worried about my hair!!!!! So I set about training it to go longer between washes. Ever since I've washed my hair every 3-4 days.

Since lockdown started I started to wonder if I could push this further. I haven't had to worry about people seeing me with flat looking hair so I just keep going that one extra day before washing it.

I achieved 9 days last week!!!!!

Imagine just going from every day to washing your hair every other day. This would produce 50% less plastic waste from shampoo (and conditioner) bottles each year. No investment required, no shampoo bars, no effort, and no one will notice. Remember you are conscious of your hair feeling greasy days before anyone would actually notice!!!

Cue some really awful selfies of me after 9 days without washing my hair. I should have spent a little longer taming it :o)

And I thought I should probably add a 'freshly washed' photo for comparison. Be kind - I haven't had it cut since January!!!

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