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How do you take your coffee?

Do you take your coffee with milk, sugar and plastic?

I love my coffee and know that a huge amount of people enjoy it daily, usually multiple times. But how much packaging waste do you create as you consume your daily pick me up?

Coffee shop takeaway cups often look like they recyclable or that they are made of paper however you would be shocked to discover a that a majority of coffee and tea cups contain plastic to make them waterproof. Thus meaning they are not recyclable. Compostable cups are slowly becoming more popular - I had a cuppa at a park earlier in the week and was really pleased to see it was in compostable packaging even the lid!

It's a good idea to take a travel mug if you are planning on going to a coffee shop. Its better for the environment and you often get a small discount for taking your own cup which is always nice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t always remember, don’t put unrealistic pressure on yourself to be perfect... If you remember 50% of the time that’s halved the amount of plastic going into landfill 🥰

At home I am always amazed by how many people have Keurig / Nespresso / Tassimo style pod coffee machines. The amount of plastic waste created by them is mind boggling. And the price per cup of coffee is outrageous.

The good old fashioned cafetiere doesn't used any disposable packaging to make a great cup of coffee. Coffee filter machines are also affordable, only use a compostable filter paper and again make great coffee.

You can also get small individual filter holders to go on individual cups so you don't make a big pot and waste it. These are sometimes called coffee drippers or filter cones. These are reusable and just require one filter paper which can then be composted...

I have also seen the option to buy refillable 'pods' for Keurig and Nespresso machines. So if you already have one of these machines take a look at this option if you aren't already using a reusable pod.

Have a think about how you can enjoy your coffee while creating the least amount of plastic waste as possible.

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