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How did I do?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I bet you're all waiting to see how I did with my challenge to avoid buying more plastic for Halloween. As always you win some and you loose some.

I didn't buy any new decorations for the house. We just used what we already had and made some new crafty items like Trevor the giant spider. I loved making broomstick treat bags for the kids however they were not fussed at all. I ended up making them with my neighbour! I made all of our Halloween food except for the snakes/worms that went into the jelly.

However my son did get a new Halloween costume which was delivered in a lot of plastic packaging. In my defence it was a birthday present as his birthday is very near to Halloween. And his Grandma bought it for him. It will get used by my kids, my niece and nephew and then be passed on after that to another family so at least its not single use. Also my Mother in Law bought the kids a plastic themed light each which obviously the kids absolutely loved. Again I did not buy them!

I was most impressed by the Mother in Law’s new Halloween decorations! She had put a lot of effort into them, and they were so eco friendly. She had knitted the cutest pumpkins! And my Father in Law had sawn some little discs of wood that were then painted and strung up to form a sort of bunting that was really effective. I've asked for a set of knitted pumpkins next year!

How did you do?

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