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Hair wash day

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

As we are now back in lockdown and seeing less people it seems like a good time to be training our hair! I wrote a post a while back about a simple, affordable way to reduce plastic from shampoo and conditioner. https://www.littlegreentips.co.uk/post/how-to-train-your-hair

By reducing how many times we wash our hair we cut down on how much shampoo and conditioner we use. Therefore we use less plastic and spend less money on toiletries.

Imagine someone is washing their hair every day. By switching to every other day, which is definitely achievable, they can halve their plastic consumption for shampoo (and conditioner if used) and halve their spend on those products.

I am now washing my hair every 7 days. I sometime rinse with water on days I feel it needs it. All depends on how it feels! But I only shampoo it once a week.

Has anyone started training their hair since COVID 19 hit? How have you got on with it?

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