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Exciting shopping trip

We are very lucky to have a lovely local Resource Exchange Centre nearby in Worcester. http://www.wre.uk.com/ They take waste from local business' so that it doesn't end up in landfill. They then sell it on in their shop as very affordable prices. I love it tin there its like a treasure trove of craft and other bits and pieces.

I went a few weeks ago in the Summer holidays when I had a child free day! I found all sorted of goodies. Cotton 'not quite fat quarters' (not exactly 50cm by 55cm), plastic spray nozzles, plastic bottles with lids, cute teddies, ribbon, wine bottle screw lids etc. I came home with quite a haul. And it was all so cheap!

I used a spray nozzle and bottle recently to put my homemade 'limescale remover' into to use in the kitchen and bathroom. Then used another spray nozzle to replace one on bottle that I had reused a few times and the nozzle had broken.

I used the ribbon to wrap up the beeswax wraps that people bought from me last week. It definitely made them look more professional.

The teddies are instead of plastic tat party bags for my youngest's birthday - if we are allowed birthday parties when February comes around!!!

I will find a use for everything I brought home and will feel confident in using it all as it would have ended up in landfill if it weren't for Worcester Resource Exchange. If you are local then its worth a visit - you can look around without signing up for membership. If you aren't local see if you have something similar nearby...

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