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Eco Clothing

You may have noticed that one of my main focuses at the moment is trying to buy clothes in a more Eco Friendly way. As usual some Eco switches are a lot more complicated and challenging than others. I find trying to buy more eco friendly clothing a bit of a minefield.

It is such an important issue that it is even being taught in school! My eldest, who is 9, is currently learning about 'fast fashion' and how it affects our environment.

As always there are a few different approaches you can take. I always think if you are trying to make eco friendly choices then keep it up. It doesn't matter too much which choices you are making as long as you are considering green alternatives.

There are quite a few brands out there on the marketplace selling eco friendly clothing like BAM Clothing. These tend to be quite expensive and involve Bamboo which is usually sourced in China. A lot of people want locally sourced and manufactured product so this puts them off. I think if the product is a lot more sustainable then it shouldn't be a huge barrier that it is from China. We have been trading goods worldwide for thousands of years. Yes we need to buy more local produce and items made in the UK but we will never be 100% self sufficient as an island. Even if it's produced and shipping abroad the CO2 emissions can be substantially lower than comparable products.

I recently bought myself a pair of jeans from Marks and Spencer. M&S seems to be focusing on making their clothing more eco friendly. Their Supersoft Jeans are made from sustainable cotton and use recycled plastic bottles. Their cotton producers focus on reducing water usage and reducing pesticide usage. At £19.50 a pair they are an affordable eco friendly choice! Plus they are so soft and cosy you'll never want to take them off! https://www.marksandspencer.com/cotton-high-waisted-jeggings/p/clp60485607?color=NAVY

Finally buying second hand is a great way to make a more eco friendly clothing purchase and it can save a LOT of money. I have bought a few items from eBay recently which have been absolutely fantastic however they were all posted to me in plastic packaging! So I took the opportunity last week to visit a Charity shop to see what I could find. For my first ever clothes shopping trip to a Charity shop I was so pleased with my purchases. I got 2 pairs of gardening trousers at £4 each. A pair of lovely Rohan jeans for £5 and a beautiful top for another £3. Two of the items I bought didn't fit but they will accepts returns and refund me.

So whatever your budget there is a way for everyone to buy in a more sustainable and eco friendly way. We need to stop buying clothing that lasts just one season and gets ditched!

If you are interested to read more about how M&S are trying to produce more sustainable clothing these links are interesting!


https://www.marksandspencer.com/c/style-and-living/affordable-sustainable-ethical-clothing-for-women unfortunately I couldn't find an equivalent page for Men's Clothing!?

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