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Dryer Balls

Do you remember that I bought some tumble dryer balls a few weeks ago? Not only are they super cute and all natural made from British wool but they have allowed me to decrease the time for my tumble dryer cycles.

If you didn’t see my post a few weeks ago check it out here! I was shocked at the cost of running a tumble dryer! https://www.littlegreentips.co.uk/post/tumble-dryer

I have tried them out on washing loads of towels and sheets. I have managed to knock at least 20 minutes off my sheets and 20 minutes off a load of towels too. The only time it didn't work was when I had very obviously overloaded the dryer with too many towels!

So if you really do rely on that tumble dryer then think about buying a set. When my children were babies I used the tumble dried a lot more as the amount of washing was horrendous! At one point I had a baby with bad reflux and she was in washable nappies which created a huge amount of dirty washing plus I was potty training at the same time.

My driyer balls were from a lovely lady in Exeter who uses the wool from her lovely sheep to make them!


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