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Dog Poop

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

We had a very exciting day yesterday and gained a new family member. Meet Max our little puppy. Needless to say as soon as I started looking at what we needed to buy for him I realised dog purchases were a minefield full of plastic products!

I started doing research a few weeks ago and one of the first decisions we made was that we didn't want to put all the dog poo into our bin in plastic bags, not even compostable ones. We looked into buying a composting dog poo system but the ones we found were incredibly expensive and didn't seem to have a big enough capacity...

So we decided to try a DIY dog poo composting system. We bought a galvanised metal dustbin. My husband drilled holes in it around the side and cut the bottom off. We dug a huge deep hole in a corner of the garden for it. In the bottom of the hole we added stones and hardcore for drainage before placing the bin on top. We positioned the bin so the lid was just slightly higher than the ground.

We then put a layer of sticks and leaves on the bottom and a couple of scoops of wormy compost on top. It should last a good few years, much longer than the ones we saw for sale.

I was a little excited to scoop the poop into it this morning for the first time. I can't imagine this excitement will last! But I am really interested to see how it works. I'll keep you updated on poo progress 😂

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