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? Disposable Swim Nappies ?

Sometimes disposable items aren’t actually as disposable as you think!!!! 

When I took my eldest swimming for the first time a friendly mum told me to wash out the swimming nappy with the other costumes. They don’t absorb anything so are easily washed and dried. They are just designed to contain the poop really! I have only ever bought one pack of ‘disposable’ swimming nappies. And those suckers are expensive!!!

Obviously if there is a poo incident it’s probably best to ditch it unless you are super committed to making things last. 

Start looking at other ‘disposable’ items to see if they can actually be washed and used again... Foil trays, jam jars, plastic bottles, plastic spoons, takeaway containers etc. Once you start looking you will find more than you expect!

We have plastic spoons from the ASDA cafe in Gloucester that have lasted 2 years going through the dishwasher.. they were disposable spoons for yogurts my kids chose. They are officially now the 'holiday spoons' and are fought over day in day out!!

If we can reuse items, buy less and throw less away it will have a huge impact on our beautiful planet. Less landfill, less ocean contamination and more resources left for things we actually need.

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