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Disposable culture

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

When trying to become more eco friendly then an easy rule to remember is that washable products are better than disposable items.

You could use linen napkins instead of disposable paper serviettes that are wrapped in plastic packaging, and then get thrown away.

You could use tea towels, dishcloths and towels instead of disposable kitchen towel that again comes wrapped in plastic packaging.

You can try washable nappies if you have a young child. Remember its not an all or nothing commitment. You can try washable nappies without having to switch to them 100% of the time. Any reduction in disposable nappies is a win.

Washable wipes are a favourite of mine too! They are fab for nappy changing but we still use ours years after that stage had passed. They are great for sticky fingers. Cleaning up spills. Wiping up after doggy wee accidents!

Do you have any washable options/switches you can share?

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