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Dishwasher Tablets

I absolutely love my dishwasher. I wouldn’t be without it. It’s a very eco friendly model with an AA rating and a fab eco setting which uses low levels of both water and electricity. It is a massive help in our modest sized kitchen which has very minimal worktop space. It functions as a dirty pot storage cupboard nicely as well as cleaning them when it is full!

However I find buying eco friendly dishwasher tablets challenging. The really eco friendly options are so expensive. I popped into Wilco‘s last week to check out their Eco range and even they are expensive at 14p a tablet. Ecover are 32p a tablet and while the box is recyclable the plastic wrapper isn’t recycled by all council recycling schemes.

SMOL comes in at just over 15p a tablet. SMOL claim their packaging is recyclable, eco friendly and 100% plastic free.

So unfortunately I am still buying Morrison’s dishwasher tablets at 8p a tablet as they come in dissolvable film and the bag can be recycled with carrier bags at larger supermarkets.

Have you ever wondered what the dissolvable film is? It is made from Poly Vinyl Alcohol which is a synthetic, oil derived plastic that actually dissolves in water, is biodegradable and has been certified compostable. It is an interesting compound which seems to have both non eco friendly and eco friendly characteristics!

I'd love to try making some dishwasher tablets of my own as I feel this is probably the best way to ensure they are cheap and eco friendly. I even have a recipe bookmarked! However life is hectic at the moment and can’t see this happening any time soon.

I have to be realistic and manage our budget whilst trying my best to be eco friendly, and fit everything into our hectic life! Not an easy juggling act sometimes... If you can afford one of the more expensive options then SMOL or Wilco's seem the best options. If you are on a budget then look for dissolvable tablets and recyclable outer packaging...

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