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Costing the Earth?

Do you think that being eco friendly is achievable on your budget?

I was talking to a few friends yesterday and I was explaining my frustrating hunt for an affordable eco friendly dishwasher tablet. We quickly moved on to talk about the general cost of 'products' that are super expensive that claim to help the environment. There are so many posh, sleek websites selling beautiful, expensive looking items. But can we make a difference without spending any money?

I like to think that we can start small. And if 100 people, or 1000 people start small it will have a positive impact. Think about small, easy changes;

- buy loose bananas instead of prepackaged ones in the supermarket

- take a water bottle on a day trip instead of buying bottled water

- use a lunch box instead of a plastic bag when putting food in the freezer

- use a plate instead of clingfilm to cover leftovers

- buy soap instead of shower gel

- compost as much kitchen waste as you can

- go to a greengrocers once a month and enjoy their paper bags

- use a tea towel to mop up spillages in the kitchen instead of kitchen roll

- take lunch to work on Mondays instead of buying sandwiches every day

- mulch your garden with free grass cuttings or cardboard

We are all busy with work, children, family, pets, the children's social lives and the never ending household management chores. So things need to be simple. We are on autopilot so frequently complicated changes in lifestyle seem completely impossible.

Can we start thinking more like Dave Brailsford and Team Sky when they first started working towards the Tour De France? If so will the amount of single use plastic decrease, will food waste decrease, will energy consumption will decrease. If you want to geek out a bit look into 'Marginal Gains'.... Tiny 1% changes that when added together make 10% or 20% difference and so on. This is a mindset I feel can be applied to moving towards a greener lifestyle! I am certainly trying...

What do you think?

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