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We are big fans of composting. In fact we visited a huge compost heap on our honeymoon at Kew Gardens! Who says romance is dead!

I honestly can't remember a time that I didn't compost. Its just something we do on autopilot in our house. All fruit and veg waste along with newspaper and cardboard goes into the compost bin. We also compost most of our garden waste. A very small amount will go on a bonfire but we are making an effort to compost much more this year. We just use newspaper to line our kitchen compost caddy... We have a good supply of used newspaper from my parents!

I know that some people just put their 'compost' into the bin with everything else and assume it will just compost down into the landfill site. Unfortunately it isn't that simple. The composting process has to have certain conditions to be able to work. Water, oxygen and bacteria need to be present for compost to break down. If these conditions aren't available then the waste stays present in landfill for a very long time. Due to the nature of landfill sites the ideal composting conditions are actively prevented. They do not want a build up of methane gas because it could be a potential explosive risk. Methane is one of the gases released from decomposing green waste. To reduce the amount of methane produced landfill sites are kept very dry.

So if you can get yourselves a compost bin. If you have a compost bin - use it.

There are really affordable compost bins on most council websites in the UK - this is where most of ours have come from... If you have rodents in your garden look at getting a metal compost bin. We treated ourselves to a couple of cheap metal compost bins earlier in the year and they have been fantastic!!! If anyone is interested in the link just leave me a comment and I'll look up the details.

This is our kitchen caddy that sits next to our washing machine. And no it doesn't smell (unless you go on holiday for 2 weeks and forget to empty it)...

Lastly if you need more encouragement to compost one of my favourite things about composting is that your kitchen bin fills up so much more slowly and smells less!

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