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Compostable crisps!

I was very excited to see that a crisp producer had launched the UK’s first 100% compostable & plastic free crisps. I was even more excited to see that it is a company that is fairly local to me in Herefordshire. I tracked down a pack in my local farm shop on Saturday to try them out and check out the packaging.

I'm slightly embarrassed to report that the crisps did not last the 15 minute journey home. I had just taken the kids to their swimming lessons so they were starving and we demolished the pack very quickly. They were absolutely delicious!!! The crisps are made using potatoes grown on the companies farm in Herefordshire. They use renewable energy to grow, harvest, store, cook and pack the crisps. We tried the lightly salted crisps which use another local ingredient - Droitwich Salt!

The packaging is very impressive. I saw the brand on the shelf and started looking for packs that were compostable! I thought the first few I picked up were just normal packets until I found the compostable logo on them. What I love is that the packets aren't just compostable they are home compostable. This make a big difference.

Putting compostable packaging into your household waste bin doesn't really achieve much. Yes it's not plastic going into landfill or an incinerator but it won't 'compost'. Composting will only happen in certain conditions which are not present in either a landfill site or an incinerator!!! It needs to be home compostable and then put into a compost heap whether that is at home or a council run one.

There are so many eco friendly and sustainable packaging options available now. Technology has come a long way however it seems to be taking forever for big manufacturers to make the change. Thank goodness we have companies like Two Farmers leading the way and showing them how its done!

Two Farmers crisps are available to order online or type in your postcode to see if they are stocked near you... https://twofarmers.co.uk/where-to-buy/

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