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Can't survive without it!

I have spoken to quite a few mums lately about how much they rely upon there tumble driers but feel nagging guilt at the back of their minds... If you find it difficult to reduce how much you use your tumble drier then think about getting some drier balls!

The dryer balls work by absorbing water as well as naturally softening the clothes/sheets. Another benefit is that they improve the air flow in the dryer which shortens the drying time. So they save both time and money as well as making your tumble dryer better for the environment. And the initial investment is fairly small. You can buy a pack of dryer balls made in UK using British wool for as little as £12. Mine arrived this weekend and I'm very excited to try them!

It is claimed that they can cut your tumble drier cycle time by 25 - 50%. So if you reply on your dryer heavily and use it around 5 times a week this could potentially save you £28 a year.

It also removes the need for dryer sheets. I had never heard of dryer sheets until today. I've definitely never used them! They are not good for the environment in any way. Single use polyester sheets that are essentially a type of plastic that will end up in landfill ...taking hundreds of years to break down.

So if you are a busy working mum with very little time, energy or headspace for working out other ways to dry your washing - look at getting some dryer balls!

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