• Sarah @ Little Green Tips

Campfire Doughnuts!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

I recently discovered the unimaginable pleasures of a campfire doughnut. I saw a brief mention of such a thing on my friends forest school post... I got to googling and perfecting the recipe!

This recipes makes quite a lot of campfire doughnuts because we are piggies! Approx 12!

9 thin slices white bread, crusts removed (slightly stale is better)

Raspberry jam

200g flour

2 eggs

300 ml milk



Make up your triple decker jam sandwiches....

Spread the jam (or other filling) thickly on the bread.

Add the next slice of bread and spread jam thickly on top.

Place final slice of bread on top.

Cut into four.

Make up your batter....

Place flour in bowl.

Add egg and mix into flour a little.

Gradually add the milk to form a nice thick batter. (Yogurt consistency)