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Having spent months faffing and researching toilet roll to try and find a more eco friendly option I was motivated to make a decision when I saw that the toilet roll I was buying a subscription from Amazon was made using virgin pulp. Essentially trees were being cut down just to produce toilet roll that would be used once and then end up in waste treatment plants.

That really struck a chord with me so I set out to swap to something more eco friendly and cancelled my subscription. My two demands were to find a product that didn't use virgin pulp, didn't use plastic packaging and wasn't horrendously expensive! Big challenge!

Amazon Presto was the brand I switched to earlier this year. It came in at 45p per roll, used virgin pulp and the last delivery had so much plastic packaging on it I was horrified. 200 sheets per roll. 25m on a roll (calculated by 12.5cm sheet length and 200 sheets per roll).

EcoLeaf came in at 66p per roll including delivery. This product uses recycled paper and packages it in compostable packaging. 280 sheets per roll. 35 m roll length. The great thing about these guys is that they use 100% recycled paper fibres from the UK and also manufacture their product in the UK.

I read up on wood vs bamboo and other fast growing sustainable materials.This article was very interesting https://www.astralhygiene.co.uk/blog/recycled-vs-pure-vs-bamboo-paper-which-is-the-best/ It completely changed my opinion on using recycled paper toilet roll. So I looked at more environmentally friendly options.

Who Gives a Crap do both recycled paper at 75p per roll. 400 sheets per roll and each roll is 40m long. It is wrapped in paper packaging - individually per roll. Their bamboo toilet rolls come in at 84p per roll but only have 370 sheets per roll. Making each roll 37m long. They are manufactured in China which puts a lot of people off including me unfortunately. Even though I know it is better for the environment it feels wrong. These guys are an American based company.

Naked Sprout is 100% bamboo. 300 sheets per roll. 75p per roll. I don't have details on roll length which is frustrating as that is the best way to determine value per roll. The sheet size varies quite widely as I have found out in this research... They are a UK based company but they manufacture in China claiming this is because it is where the bamboo is grown.

Then I found Ty Mor which is 67p per roll. Each roll is 30m long. What appealed to me about this was that they are a UK based company with big plans to produce their product in the UK in the future.

So I made the decision. That was enough research - I could have easily spent another 20 hours geeking out looking into more companies. I ordered my Ty Mor toilet roll and it arrived very quickly in a seriously strong cardboard box. So strong that it can be reused over and over again. What a cool idea!

The toilet rolls are loose inside the box which I thought was lovely. If additional packaging isn't needed then don't use it. Even paper or compostable packaging uses resource and produces waste.

The toilet roll is a lovely natural unbleached creamy beige colour. Its soft, strong and has been in use in our family of four since the last week of October. We love it. I had a momentary panic that it wasn't septic tank friendly but I contacted them directly and got a response back to confirm it is suitable for septic tanks. Phew.

I put together a small comparison table so I could look at price per metre for the various options. It is always going to be cheaper buying supermarket products in plastic packaging. If your budget dictates this choice then remember that you can now take toilet roll plastic packaging to larger Morrisons stores for recycling along with carrier bags.

If you can afford to spend a little more then try a recycled paper or natural fast growing fibre option. I will continue to order from Ty Mor while I can afford it.

NOTE - I can not find the length of toilet rolls for Naked Sprout anywhere, nor the size of the sheet. I have requested the information from Naked Sprout so will update this when I receive the information.

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