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Best Before

Best Before - it means just that.

It literally means it will probably be best eaten before this date. Not that you MUST eat it before this date.

'Use Before' is put on all food the Must be used before a certain date for food safety reasons.

A fab example of this is this pack of tomatoes I found yesterday that had slipped behind my shelf. The Best Before date was 5th November but they are still in amazing condition. They weren’t even starting to go soft!

I wasn’t going to put them in the bin when they were obviously still looking good and tasting delicious!!!

Don’t throw food away if it’s best before date is in the past. Put it on a shelf in your fridge or cupboard that you can use as your ‘eat first’ shelf. Then you can check this shelf before eating other food which will last longer.

Let’s stop wasting food, apply common sense and be sensible about products we buy with best before dates!!!

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