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Bathroom Cleaning

My youngest was given a challenge a few weeks ago by her Cub leaders to learn how to do certain jobs around the house. She had to cook us all dinner and wash up the pots by hand. She had to dust and hoover a communal family room. The last one she got to was cleaning two things in the bathroom. She refused to clean the toilet 😂 unsurprisingly as she is only 8!

So she cleaned the sink and bath all on her own and did a fantastic job! A day later I realised she’s probably achieved what many adults don’t do and cleaned using natural products without single use plastic cloths or bottles…

To clean the sink she used bicarbonate of soda and gave it a great scrub with a washable wipe.

To clean the side around the sink she used an Ocean Saver Ecodrop multipurpose cleaner in a reusable spray bottle with a washable wipe.

To clean the bath she used bicarbonate of soda again to scrub it thoroughly with a cotton cloth. On the shower screen she sprayed it with apple cider vinegar then after 10 minutes or so scrubbed it with a little bicarb of soda followed by a rinse.

I am hoping she will keep doing a few of these jobs now she knows how and I need to teach my eldest the same chores!!!

Have a look at your cleaning supplies and have a think about removing the plastic bottles, chemicals and plastic cloths and scourers.

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