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Bad smells!

Did you know that bicarbonate of soda is amazing for getting rid of unwanted odours?

You can sprinkle it into stinky trainers and it will get rid of that awful sweaty foot smell. About 1/2 tsp spread around the shoe will do it. Leave it in and let it do it's job.

You can use it to get rid of bad smells after accidents in your car too. Spilt milk, poorly children and hidden rotten food can all leave the car smelling terrible. Sprinkle the area liberally with bicarbonate of soda and rub into the stinky patch then leave it for a couple of hours. Then just hoover it up the smell will disappear.

If you have a really bad smelly patch in your car you can also sprinkle some cider vinegar on top of the bicarbonate of soda and rub over the affected area. It really does work wonders.

We were on holiday last year and my eldest was car sick on the way to an amusement park. Then the next day he was ill in the same place on our way home. The car absolutely stank! I never thought it would smell normal again. But just one treatment of bicarbonate of soda and cider vinegar cleared it up straight away. The kids got in the car the day after and not a word of complaint! If there had been even the slightest whiff left they would have let me know straight away!

It will also work on clothes that have bad odour impregnated into the fabric. I used to find running clothes would hold onto body odour even after multiple washes. A few years ago I discovered that soaking them in a bowl of warm water with a couple of spoons of bicarbonate of soda soon got rid of the smell. Previously I had been using biological washing liquid to get rid of this smell and then had to rinse the clothes multiple times because hubby is allergic to it!

Bicarbonate of soda is such a useful natural cleaning ingredient and has so many uses. I love that it can be used in so many different ways in the house, and replaces many chemicals that come in plastic packaging. You can even buy bicarbonate of soda in cardboard boxes which are recyclable!

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