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A nice cuppa

I couldn’t live with tea, and I need at least 3 cups before I can function in the morning. It's slightly embarrassing really...

Did you know that a large proportion of tea bags contain plastic. So many people put them in with the compost, like we used to do, and the tea leaves breakdown leaving behind a fine plastic mesh.

We switched to leaf tea a few years ago. We have a couple of ways of brewing a good cuppa. We have a lovely teapot which has a tea leaf diffuser in the middle. However if we just want one mug we have these little individual tea diffusers. They are made of metal and silicone. Another option is mulsin drawstring bags which are reusable. There are loads of options on the market now and it is possible to find affordable leaf tea in supermarkets.

A lot of leaf tea still comes in a plastic film (sometimes it looks like metal but isn’t) to protect the leaves. But tea bags also come in the same packaging. So buying leaf tea cuts out on at least some of the plastic!

If you can afford it then there are some fab completely plastic free tea bags products out there. This is a good recent summary of the options available in shops...


What can you do to reduce the plastic in your cup of tea?

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