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A happy accident!

I discovered these Eco Drops from Ocean Saver completely by accident. They popped up in one of the 'also recommended for you' areas on a website which are normally fairly irritating. I was intrigued so I ordered the Anti Bacterial Eco Drop to try it out.

I was AMAZED! Such a genius idea. No plastic packaging, a tiny sachet of concentrated cleaning ingredients without the water and a lovely refreshing smell. You clean out your old cleaning bottle, put the Eco Drop in and top up with water. Give it a shake then get cleaning once its all dissolved. They are completely affordable and are currently on offer as part of Plastic Free July.

I've been using various cleaning products recently to try and be more eco friendly - Ecover and Wilco's 'doesn't cost the earth' range. I absentmindedly bought kitchen cleaner a while ago in a supermaket and kicked myself for the 'autopilot purchase' which wasn't very environmentally friendly. School girl error. However I am now using the lovely empty bottle for my Eco Drops so all's well that ends well. I feel these Eco Drops are the way forwards from now on...

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