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When I left home and moved into my first flat I didn't really consider the buying items that I needed second hand. I had to furnish the flat and bought a lot of the things I needed using my credit card. It took me a while to pay it off!

When my husband and I bought our first house we were given a lot of furniture from various people which was a massive help! We were given sofas, wardrobes, a chest of drawers, curtains, a kitchen table and chairs. We had such little disposable cash at the time it was really helpful.

My attitude changed more rapidly once we have children. I was lucky to be given a huge bag of maternity clothes by my sister in law. This saved me a fortune! She also donated quite a few baby items to get us started. The cost of baby items was extortionate and many products that seemed like 'must haves' turned out to be useless. So I started hunting for second hand items at baby sales, on Ebay and at local baby groups.

9 years later and I actively try and hunt for things second hand first before I buy anything new. It saves money which is awesome! But is also stops things ending up in landfill when they are still useful. It also doesn't use energy, precious resources and materials which would have been needed to make new items.

Try and consider finding second hand items rather than buying new all the time.

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