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Challenge 12

I have always been environmentally minded, some of my earliest conscious memories of realising we need to look after our planet are from primary school. I even won a poetry competition at secondary school with an environmentally themed piece of poetry!  However I realised in early 2019 that there was still a lot more I could do to reduce my impact on the environment

So I set myself a challenge. But I realised the challenge needed to be achievable. At the time I was working a stressful job in the Food Industry 4 days a week, looking after my two young children (4 and 7 ) and continuing to renovate our house. Not to mention the garden with its chickens, vegetable and fruit which needed regular attention too. There was no point setting myself unachievable goals. If it wasn't simple, quick and stress free as well as being affordable I knew it wouldn't make any positive changes. 

I decided to try and make 1 change a month for the whole of 2019, mainly looking at reducing plastic, but not restricting myself to just this topic. I was up for any changes that would make my family more eco-friendly. My first choice was actually inspired by my husband!!!

I am still going with the challenge in 2020! Its a little addictive!