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Hey! I'm Sarah

Welcome to Little Green Tips!

I'm a busy mum of two who is passionate about reducing my use of plastic at home, and reducing my impact on the environment.  I want my children to have a future that isn't overshadowed by my generations actions. Beaches free from plastic, beautiful wild animals roaming free in their natural habitat and healthy oceans. 


In the past I have been so busy with 'life' that I have been ruled by convenience. I've spent the last 18 months slowly making at least one green change each month. I needed it to be easy, affordable, stress free and quick.  I feel like I've made huge progress and I feel quite proud of how far we have managed to come as a family. I also feel much more positive about making 'eco friendly' changes now I have a few under my belt and know how easy it can be... Now I want to help busy families do the same by making simple green choices. 

It can be overwhelming when trying to have a more positive impact on our planet. However I honestly believe that even the smallest change in our habits and behaviour can make a massive difference.

There are a huge amount of 'eco friendly' products out there on the market, some of which come with huge price tags. I am convinced there are affordable products, and often cost savings,  when making green choices. Its these options I want to share with everyone!


Lets take little green steps towards making our lives kinder to our environment.